Should My Kid Read Soprano Trouble?

I’m not going to draw this out; the answer is yes.

Although, I suppose not first, if you don’t want. Maybe you want to snag Harmony Blues right now to ride the wave of newness. That’s cool. Each book in The Choir Girls series could stand alone. But I happen to think that the series is fuller and richer if you read the whole thing.

I get it. You might need a peek to decide if this story is really worth your time. So here you go.

From Soprano Trouble:


All four girls were in the 7th grade Concert Choir at Aspen Junior High. Their fall concert was in just two weeks, and one girl and one guy would get to sing a solo. It was a well-known fact that whoever got to sing the solo at the fall concert would also be featured in the Christmas concert.

“Oh my gosh, your audition was a-maz-ing Cammie,” Brittany gushed, her short, round frame bouncing in excitement. “I know Mr. Camp will pick you for the solo.”  Cammie smirked and tousled her short, spiky hair, her red highlights glittering in the sun.

“It was good, wasn’t it?” Cammie replied. “I think it’s smart to make us audition in front of the whole choir. It really lets Mr. Camp know who can handle that kind of pressure.”

“Well, clearly I can’t,” Maddie stated, staring straight ahead. “My voice doesn’t crack like that when I sing with the group. At least, it seemed like it was fine when we were learning the solo as a group.”

“Maddie, you did just fine,” Summer replied, patting Maddie on the arm.  Summer hated to see her friend embarrassed.

“Don’t worry about it,” Maddie said, smiling at Summer. “I’m not scarred. I am actually perfectly content to get lost in the masses. I like to sing, and in the group the focus isn’t directly on me. It’s really the best of both worlds.”

“Your only real competition is Pilar Sanchez,” Brittany said, wrinkling her nose as she stressed the pronunciation of PEE-lar. “But I know you did better than her.”

“Ugh, she is such a teacher’s pet,” Cammie grumbled. “Unfortunately, she’s an excellent soprano. Maybe I should hang out in Mr. Camp’s room all day too. Give her a run for her money.”

“I think she’s just shy,” Summer said, trying to keep the conversation positive.  “She probably feels more comfortable in there, since she doesn’t seem to have many friends.”

“Whatever,” Cammie blurted, kicking at a pile of dead leaves. “She should know by now that no one will be friends with a teacher’s pet. Hanging on Mr. Camp’s every word is not going to get her anywhere.”

“Yeah,” Brittany echoed. “She can’t be that serious about making friends.”

“I really like the songs Mr. Camp picked out for the concert,” Summer said, trying to change the subject.

“Me too. I wonder how many will showcase dear PEE-lar,” Cammie replied. Brittany burst out laughing.


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