The Smell of Mildew

My, this website is dusty and neglected! If the internet could transmit smells from this site to your nose, I’m sure you would have turned away at the smell of mildew. That’s what happens when you let something sit for too long, right? Maybe I’m thinking of laundry.

I want to clue you into something: I have no idea what I’m doing. I mean, I’ve heard podcasts and read blogs about what a new author should be doing, but it’s all so overwhelming. My writing energies have been put into creating new content, which I find leaves me very little to give to things like blog posts. Or even Facebook status updates. Apparently I’m a one-track writer. That’s probably not good in this world where anonymity is my enemy. I think my New Year’s resolution will be to figure out how to have several writing projects going at the same time. You know, diversify.

But I wanted to tell you something, and that is that my writing projects have not been in vain. I started this website to let you know that my dream of becoming a published author is becoming a reality, and that was initiated by the contract for my middle-grade book Soprano Trouble. I have no updates on that book (and trust me, you’ll have them when I do!) but I do have a pretty major update in general:

Soprano Trouble will be the first book in a four book series. 

For real. I’ve submitted and received contracts for the other three books in that series. I have not one but FOUR book contracts.

This has been a weird thing for me. The first book contract was so exciting because it was so new. The second one was fun too, because I was able to do it again! And three and four were equally exciting for me, but I began to feel like it was old news. I’m a pretty terrible celebrator anyway, so I wasn’t sure if getting a third and fourth contract warranted the kind of excitement that the first one did. Did people really care? I mean, I know they did, but did they really?

The self-doubt is strong over here.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that. I call the series The Choir Girls, and there are four books: Soprano Trouble, Alto Secrets, Harmony Blues and Solo Disaster. And I think they’ll all be out sometime in 2017. I promise to give you specifics when I have them

And now onto my next project.

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