Top Three Reasons to Read Alto Secrets

You might be sitting there thinking to yourself, “There are now three books in The Choir Girls series. Should I read the middle one? It’s probably like the middle child anyway; not as cool as the first and not as cute as the third.” Well, hold on there, Friend. Let me give you three good reasons:

1. You loved Summer and her friends from Soprano Trouble

You have a few unanswered questions from the first story. Plus, you’re dying to know if Wes ever called Summer.

2. Maddie is super cool, and you’re going to want to meet her brothers

If you liked Maddie in the first book, then you’ll be happy to know that Alto Secrets is all about her. And you’ll get to know her brothers, who are super cool.

3. You’ll want to know what happens to Brittany

Harmony Blues is all about Brittany, and Alto Secrets will help you understand her story a bit better.

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